Press Release: No Long-Term Agreement Reached at Conclusion of Tuna Treaty Negotiations

South Pacific Tuna Company executives participating in the South Pacific Tuna Treaty negotiations this week in Brisbane, Australia, are reporting that at the conclusion of the three-day convening, the parties failed to reach an agreement that would renew the South Pacific Tuna Treaty. The 1987 treaty provides United States purse seine fishing vessels access to the Western Pacific Ocean, as well economic assistance to the Pacific Island Parties (PIPs).

Douglas Hines, Executive Director of South Pacific Tuna Corporation, and business partner Max Chou, attended the meetings along with representatives and owners of the U.S Fleet.

Although participants worked late into the night Wednesday AEST, there remain material obstacles to reaching a term agreement. However, members of U.S. State Department, U.S. Commerce and Industry did agree at the eleventh hour to accept an interim agreement for 2016 in coordination with representative members of the Pacific Island Parties, Fisheries Forum Agency (FFA), and PNA Fisheries executives. 

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