Press Release: South Pacific Tuna Corp. Donates Funds to Marshall Islands Food Bank

South Pacific Tuna Corporation along with affiliate and investor in the Global Fleets, AFT Holdings, Inc., this week presented the newly established RMI Community Food Bank in Majuro, Marshall Islands with a US$10,000 donation to support its acquisition of an operations facility and storefront. Securing the site is the final step needed in establishing a food bank to support the women and children in of the Majuro community.

U.S. fishing boat Captain Mike Baker, who is employed by the Global Companies, which is managed by South Pacific Tuna Corp., founded the volunteer-based RMI Community Food Bank to support the people he’s come to commune with for seven years. During his time in the Marshall Islands he realized families – mostly women and children – are without food several days each month. The food bank will bridge the need providing canned and freezer-packed tuna, dry goods, and eventually household items and clothes.

“I’m thankful for the timeliness of South Pacific Tuna’s Corporation and AFT Holdings’ contribution,” said Baker. “I believe this donation will help us build credibility within the business community and among local government officials. I am confident additional support will follow.”

View the full SPTC press release (PDF)

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